‘Rage of the Girl Rioters’?

Everyday there seems to be yet more depressing news for education in the UK. Yesterday saw more rushed ideological notions of bringing soldiers into the classrooms, destroying teacher education within  Higher Education,  and reconfiguring the national curriculum yet again.

Schoolchildren and students were also active in walking out of lessons, taking to the streets and occupying campuses. These actions are in response to massive hikes in tuition fees in Higher Education, and the abolishment of  the Educational Maintenance Allowance in Further Education. Curiously, an article in the the Daily Mail has focused on the gendering of these protests, highlighting the actions of rioting girls. Perhaps we are seeing a new wave of youth and female led activism? I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts


2 thoughts on “‘Rage of the Girl Rioters’?

  1. In response to the comment about ‘rage of girls’, it seems to me that this article aims at highlighting how dangerous girls are and that the are out of control, one of the most ancient arguments there is for ‘controlling’ the female sex. They are clearly unable to control themselves and have no right to criticise male violence as they too are violent.
    I wish we were seeing a new wave of female led activism, although it would be a shame if nothing more could be offered that destroying property and creating havok. Much as I agree with all the protests, in the end these means won’t achieve the desired results. The opposite in fact. I think the “girls'”(I bet there are all over 18, doesn’t that constitute the term ‘women’?) rage is justified but this form of protest will only fuel calls to punish females more severely for going against stereotypical expectations of their role as women. I think the problem is so much more complex.

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