GEA Conferences

1997: University of Warwick

Conference organisers: Christina Hughes and Rosemary Preston

Plenary speakers included Miriam David and Bronwyn Davies


1999: University of Warwick

Conference organisers: Christina Hughes and Rosemary Preston

Conference theme: Voices in Gender and Education

Plenary speakers included Valerie Walkerdine and Madeleine Arnot (paper ‘Reading and Re-Reading Girls’ Voices: modernity, individualisation, social reproduction’)


2001: Institute of Education, London University

Conference organiser: Diana Leonard

Plenary speakers included Martha Mokgoko


2003: University of Sheffield

Conference organiser: Elaine Millard

Plenary speakers included Jane Kenway and Val Hey

Performance group FAAB – Feminists against academic bollocks were founded at this conference by Jacky Brine, joined by Val Hey and Carole Leathwood (later members included Diane Reay, Cath Lambert and Louise Archer)


 2004: University of Helsinki

Conference organiser: Tuula Gordon


2005: Cardiff University

Conference organisers: Debbie Epstein and Valerie Walkerdine

Conference theme: Gender, Power and Difference

Plenary presenters included Sally Power, Julie McLeod, Tuula Gordon, Fatuma Chege and Michelle Fine


2007: Trinity College, Dublin

Conference organisers: Maryann Valiulis and Deirdre Raftery

Conference theme: Gender Bias, Gender Balance


2009: Institute of Education, London University

Conference organisers: Jessica Ringrose, Heidi Mirza, Deborah Youdell and Miriam David

Conference theme: Regulation and Resistance

Plenary speakers included Deborah Britzman, Raewyn Connell and Grace Livingstone (via video link having been denied an entry visa)


2010: University of Barcelona

Conference organisers: Esther Oliver Perez and colleagues at CREA


2011: University of Exeter

Conference organiser: Alexandra Allan

Conference theme: Gender and Education: Past, Present and Future

Plenary speakers were Carol Dyhouse, Becky Francis, Davina Cooper and Penny Tinkler


2012: University of Gothenburg

Conference organisers: Eva Gannerud and colleagues

Conference theme: Gender and Democracy: Gender Research in Times of Change


2013: London South Bank University

Conference team: Elaine Bauer, Chamion Caballero, Val Gillies, Nicola Horsley, Tracey Reynolds, Shaminder Takhar, Yvonne Robinson, Ria Snowdon and Yvette Taylor

Conference theme: Compelling Diversities, Educational Intersections


2014: University of Melbourne

Conference theme: Gender and Education in the Asia-Pacific: Possibilities and Provocations


2015: University of Roehampton

Conference lead: Penny Jane Burke
Conference theme:  Feminisms, Power and Pedagogy

2016:  Linköping University

Conference team: Katarina Eriksson Barajas and Eva Reimers, Linköping University
Conference theme: Gender Equality Matters: Education, Intersectionality and Nationalism


2017: Middlesex University


Conference lead: Jayne Osgood
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