July 2017- Peer Reviews with Impact

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This month we are exploring peer reviews with impact. Our contributor is Susanne Gannon, Associate Professor at the Centre for Educational Research and School of Education, Western Sydney University.

Susanne has prepared an excellent podcast explaining the principles and processes of journal peer review. She provides rich, concrete and practical advice on how to write an informative, constructive and respectful review – and how to respond to a reviewer in a similar positive vein.  Ultimately, a peer review with true impact will have helped the author produce a text that has become the ‘best version’ of itself – a version that connects with and engages the scholarly community.

Although Susanne’s advice is primarily aimed at early career researchers new to the peer review process, the material is packed full of tips, observations and reflections of interest to researchers and writers at any stage of their careers.

Please click on the first link to hear Susanne’s podcast.

We’d like to hear your views on any of the issues raised in Susanne’s podcast or about your own experiences of peer review – from the perspective of reviewer or author.

Carol and Susanne

About Susanne Gannon

Associate Professor Gannon has been Equity theme leader in the Centre for Educational Research, in the School of Education at Western Sydney University, Australia, from 2012-2017. She is a prolific publisher with interests in diverse fields of educational research including gender equity and diversity; creative writing pedagogies; media and cultural studies in educational research and educational policy. She uses a range of qualitative methodologies including autoethnography and narrative methodologies, collective biography, discourse analysis and she is particularly interested in how theories of affect and materiality are reshaping feminist theories and research methodologies in education.  She is currently co-editor of the of the international journal Gender and Education (with Carol Taylor, Jayne Osgood and Kate Scantlebury) and regional editor for the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. She was Editor of English in Australia from 2011-2015. She has co-edited / co-authored a number of books including Becoming Girl: Collective Biography and the Production of Girlhood (2014, co-edited with Marnina Gonick), Pedagogical Encounters (2009, co-edited with Bronwyn Davies), Doing Collective Biography (2006, co-edited with Bronwyn Davies). She has reviewed for and published in a wide range of academic journals.