October I-WIN Review 2016 – 17

Hello and welcome.

It is October, and time to draw the 2016-17 I-WIN year to a successful close.

We take this opportunity to thank each of our contributors and colleagues for giving their time so generously and sharing their insights and experiences of writing. You have all helped get the International Writing with Impact Network for Doctoral Students and Emerging Researchers off to a great start.

We are delighted with the materials gathered. Together we have built a great set of resources to guide and inspire doctoral students, early career researchers and seasoned authors alike.

* A reminder that all materials can be accessed under the I-WIN Events tab of this site.*

We would like to thank Rachel Charlton-Dailey, Kate Marston and Emilie Lawrence at GEA for all their help with the publication process and social media support.

Wishing our contributors and readers a productive, pleasurable year of writing ahead.

Best regards,

Carol Taylor and Lisa Clarkson




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Dr Jonathan Wyatt, University of Edinburgh


Dr Emily Danvers, University of Sussex

Dr Victoria Showunmi, University College London


Dr Deborah Gabriel, Bournemouth University

Professor Yyvette Taylor, University of Strathclyde


Rachel Handforth, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Joan Healey, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Emily Henderson, University of Warwick

Dr Victoria Showunmi, University College London

Professor Carol Taylor, Sheffield Hallam University


Erika do Amarol Valerio, Newcastle University

Professor Carol Taylor, Sheffield Hallam University


Dr Anita Hussénius, Uppsala University


Professor Susanne Gannon, Western Sydney University


Professor Penny Jane Burke, University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Melissa Wolfe, Monash University