2017 Conference – Middlesex

Keynote Presenters


The theme of the conference is: Generative Feminism(s): working across/within/through borders and is inspired by the work of Gloria Anzaldua (1987, Borderlands/La Frontera); Sylvia Wynter (2015, On Being Human as Praxis) and Iris van der Tuin (2015, Generational Feminism: New Materialist Introduction to A Generative Approach). Through their work, these feminist scholars pull together the interconnectedness of creative and theoretical resistances and affordances to contemplate borders (temporal, spatial, material and disciplinary) and so grapple with fissures that persist and enfold between practice, policy, theory and activism.

Abstract Submissions

The conference invites contributions that open up generative ways to work towards broader understandings and practices in feminist educational research. As well as conventional conference papers, Keynote addresses and symposia, the conference will include opportunities for creative, arts-based contributions and practical workshops, performances and “soup kitchens” as a means to generate ways to share ideas and make connections.

We welcome submissions from feminists working across/within and through (temporal, spatial, material and disciplinary) borders to push how gender is theorized, researched and practiced with the aim of generating creative ways to reconsider what might be meant by impact – on educational practices, policies, theories and activism.

We invite proposal submissions for individual academic papers, symposia, performances, personal narratives, and artistic installations. We also welcome panels and workshops around the theme of the conference.

All submitted abstracts, panel proposals, and workshop proposals will be peer reviewed by the conference committee. Deadline for abstracts has been extended to 14th February 2017. Send submissions to: a.elwick@mdx.ac.uk General enquiries about the conference should be sent to Dr Sundaram, GEA Executive at v.sundaram@york.ac.uk

Abstracts for individual papers and performances (300 words) should be sent in the following format:

  1. Title
  2. Presenter(s) + short biography (50 words)
  3. Institutional affiliation (including email address)
  4. Abstract
  5. Key words (5 minimum)
  6. Technical requirements (presenting/performing space, ICT etc)

Proposals for pre-organized symposia, panels and workshops should additionally include a summary paragraph along with the proposed session title (100 words).