Virtual Events 2022

About the Gender & Education Association Virtual Seminar Series 2022: The series is organised by the GEA Executive Members, the volunteers who lead GEA. The series is funded in part by Taylor and Francis.

Code of Conduct: All attendees of GEA’s events must abide by the Code of Conduct

Recording: The GEA virtual events will be recorded and shared online after they are transcribed and closed captioning is added.

About GEA: The Gender and Education Association (GEA) is a volunteer-led international intersectional feminist charity. Our inclusive community of educators, researchers, activists, leaders, artists, and more have been working together since 1997 to challenge and eradicate gender stereotyping, sexism, and gender inequality within and through education.

Honorarium: Read GEA’s 2022 Virtual Event Honorarium/ Speaker’s Fee Guidance

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