International Writing with Impact Network (I-Win)

For Doctoral Students and Emerging Researchers

Carol Taylor, Lisa Clarkson and Rachel Handforth

What is I-WIN about?

The purpose of the Network is to provide web-based support on writing with impact for the international gender and education community of doctoral students and emerging researchers. It will offer advice, support and resources on writing with impact in a range of different writing genres and formats. The Network is not about writing the doctoral thesis, although it may be that some of what is here is useful for that. It is about all the other sorts of writing that doctoral students and emerging researchers want to do – and increasingly have to do – in order to make an impact through your research.

Who is I-WIN for?

Doctoral students and emerging researchers and anyone else interested in writing with impact.

Why did we want to set the I-WIN Network up?

We are at different stages in our career but we share some key things: a passionate commitment to feminist politics in our daily lives and in our academic work; a keen interest in the purposes of writing (how writing gets done, for whom, and why), and a concern to do something practical about writing in relation to the pressures emerging scholars face to ‘establish’ themselves in the field and get their work known in an increasingly busy world.