Executive Members


Co-Chair (on leave) – Professor Vanita Sundaram

Equality and Diversity Officer – Dr Victoria Shouwnumi

Gender and Education Journal Officer – Professor Kathryn Scantlebury

Internationalisation Officer (Australasia) – Dr Emily Gray

Internationalisation Officer (Australasia) – Dr. Victoria Rawlings

Internationalisation Officer (North America) – Dr. Elizabeth Payne

Internationalisation Officer (Cyprus) – Dr. Eleftheria Atta 

Internationalisation Officer (Israel) – Dr. Yael Boim

Membership Lead – Katarina Eriksson Barajas

Membership Administrator – Audrey Jean

Sexuality Education SIG (Special Interest Group) –  Professor Sharon Lamb

AERA link (USA) – Dr. Kate Strom 

Treasurer  – Dr Kate Hoskins

Social Media Officer – Dr Jessica Gagnon

Social Media Support (conferences) and Partnership Officer – Dr. Victoria Cann

Partnership Officer – Dr. Sarah Godfrey

Social Media and Web Intern – Emilie Lawrence

Social Media and Web Intern – Kate Marston

Previous Executives and friends of GEA

Claire Maxwell

Carol Taylor

Sally Campbell Galman

Marie-Pierre Moreau

Fiona Cullen

Miriam David

Gabrielle Ivinson

Gaby Weiner