The Gender and Education Association provides members with:

  • Access to, and support from, a feminist network through, for example, email lists, day seminars and conferences, and regional meetings
  • Reduced rates for: personal subscriptions to the journal Gender and Education; the Gender and Education international conference; GEA seminars and other events
  • Financial assistance for low-income members to attend GEA conferences and seminars
  • Regular GEA newsletters to keep members up-to-date with research, policy and practice relating to gender and education
  • Funding to host conferences, seminars and other events
  • Researcher and practitioner awards to sponsor high quality work on gender and education
  • An active student network


How to Join or Renew Membership

Membership is open to practitioners, academics, policymakers, managers and administrators who have interests in the field of Gender and Education. It is easy to join GEA, or renew your current membership. Simply choose from one of the membership options below and click on the relevant Paypal button. If you are renewing, just select the membership option in the same way. This will take you to a secure server to make your credit card payment. You do not need to be a Paypal member to use this facility. (*Please note that you will receive a payment acknowledgement by email from Paypal. However, Paypal will never email you again for any personal or payment details – see Online Security here).

Full time students are entitled to reduced membership fees. If you come from a low income country, you may be entitled to a reduced fee – find out which countries qualify here.


Membership Costs

Click only one of the Paypal icons below to purchase membership
1 year standard GEA membership £30
1 year standard GEA membership and 1 year subscription to the Gender & Education journal £64
1 year reduced/student GEA membership (proof of eligibility required) £15
1 year reduced/student GEA membership (proof of eligibility required) and 1 year subscription to Gender & Education journal £49
GEA life membership £270
GEA life membership and 1 year subscription to Gender & Education journal £304
1 year subscription to Gender & Education journal (LIFE MEMBERS ONLY) £34
Back copy of Gender & Education Journal (you must email the Membership Secretary prior to ordering) £6

Volume & Issue Number


Alternative method of joining or renewing your GEA membership

If you would like to pay by cheque or credit card, you can download this application form and post it back to us at the address provided.

8 thoughts on “Join

  1. Please can you use my work email for GEA contact. Also, I think it must be time for me to renew my membership??

  2. Hi.
    Im professor Dr. Marcos Ruiz, from the Lima University (PERU). Im highly interested in join GEA to stay in touch with you and to read more about this topic. In fact, I think it will be one of my research focus in the future. Ive paid the L. 49 fee, but Im not sure if you have received the order from my bank in Perú. Please confirm that my paid was done.
    Thank you! (and happy new year 2017)

  3. Hello,

    I’ve just joined GEA online (on this page) by clicking on the PayPal icon and completing the payment (using my partners PayPal account) but I have not given my name or contact details anywhere on the site?! Have I joined properly?? Will I receive a membership number etc.?

    Many thanks in advance for your help,

  4. Hi. I just recently became a member and paid using the Paypal payment system. I paid a one year membership with a one year subscription to the Gender and Education Journal.
    I expected to receive some kind of acknowledgement of my membership and payment along with a password or something allowing me to access the journal, which up to date I have not received yet.

    Could you please help?

  5. Hi! My name is Maria Jose Guevara and i am from Ecuador. I am interested in joining. Am I eligible for the reduced fee?

  6. How does the journal subscription work please? Is an access link for Taylor and Francis provided once payment has been made?

  7. Hi there.

    I would like to pay for life membership for one of our staff members but in order to do so I require an invoice addressed to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

    Can this kindly be arranged?

    Nicole Truter

  8. Please could you advise how to obtain my membership number. I paid my subscription via PayPal in March, but have nit received any further information.
    Thank you

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