The Gender and Education Association is a small, volunteer-led international intersectional feminist charity.

Since 1997, our community of educators, researchers, activists, leaders, artists, and more have been working to challenge and eradicate gender stereotyping, sexism, and gender inequality within and through education.

Our work is only possible because of you, our members. Please consider joining or renewing your membership today!

Why join GEA?

  • Educate: GEA produces and disseminates feminist and other critical scholarship on gender and education.
  • Campaign: GEA campaigns for educational change, lobbying for gender equality and responding to national and international issues.
  • Advocate: GEA raises awareness about international, national and local policies and practices relating to gender and education.
  • Focus: At the heart of GEA’s vision and mission is our focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity
  • Collaborate: GEA collaborates with other organisations and networks to achieve shared visions for educational and gender equality
  • Empower: GEA empowers researchers and educators with the knowledge required to develop reflective, intersectional, and critical pedagogies that promote social justice.
  • Promote: GEA promotes the research, teaching practices, and achievements of our members.
  • Fund: GEA offers small scale funding opportunities for members
  • Support: GEA provides support for all of our members, from student and postgraduate student to early, mid, and late career members.
  • Network: GEA builds community through our networks to encourage the exchange of teachers, students, academics, youth workers and policy makers.
  • Grow: GEA’s greatest strength is our members, so join us to help us grow and thrive to achieve our vision of gender equality and transformative education.

How to Join or Renew Membership

Membership is open to anyone (for example: education practitioners, activists, academics, students, community leaders, artists, researchers, policymakers, managers, administrators) who has interests in the field of Gender and Education.

It is easy to join GEA, or renew your current membership. Simply choose from one of the membership options below and click on the relevant Paypal button. If you are renewing, just select the membership option in the same way.

All new and renewing members are asked to complete the GEA membership form with your details.

Reduced Membership Fees: If any of the following applies to you, you are eligible for reduced membership fees:

  • Members who are students (full time or part time) 
  • Members who reside in a low income country – find out which countries qualify here.
  • Members who are unemployed/low-waged/precariously employed

Processing Membership Payment: This will take you to a secure server to make your credit card payment. You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete your transaction. (Please note that you will receive a payment acknowledgement by email from Paypal. However, Paypal will never email you again for any personal or payment details – see Online Security here).

Buying/Gifting GEA Membership to Someone Else: Memberships are processed with the name and details of the person completing the transaction through PayPal. If you are paying on behalf of someone else, please email with your details and the details of the person intended to have the membership (full name, address, email address). This is to ensure the membership is given to the right person and that the records are up to date. Alternatively, you can make a minimum £15 donation to GEA and then email with your details and the details of the person intended to have the membership (full name, address, email address) made possible by your donation.

Giving Pay It Forward GEA Membership: If you would like to gift membership to anyone who indicates to GEA that they cannot afford to pay, please make a minimum £15 donation to GEA and then email with your details and let us know that your donation is made to support Pay It Forward GEA Membership. Please indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous or would like the person whose membership is enabled by your donation to know that your donation made their membership possible.

Receiving Pay It Forward Membership: If you would like to receive Pay It Forward Membership, please complete the GEA Membership Form.

Please note: GEA is volunteer-led, which means responses to emails can take time. We appreciate your patience.
Processing your membership and responding to queries can take up to one week, after which you will receive your membership record and number. Please check your junk folder for the confirmation e-mail. The GEA inbox and memberships are checked and processed on Tuesday afternoons (UK time) by our only paid staff member who works very part time. Thank you for your patience.

Membership Questions: For any questions about your GEA membership, please email:

Membership Costs

Click only one of the Paypal icons below to purchase membership
1 year standard GEA membership£30

1 year standard GEA membership and 1 year subscription to the Gender & Education journal£64

1 year reduced GEA membership £15

1 year reduced GEA membership  and 1 year subscription to Gender & Education journal£49

GEA life membership£270

GEA life membership and 1 year subscription to Gender & Education journal£304

1 year subscription to Gender & Education journal (LIFE MEMBERS ONLY)£34

Back copy of Gender & Education Journal (you must email the Membership Officer prior to ordering)£6


Volume & Issue Number

Volume & Issue Number
Volume & Issue Number


How we compare to other organisations

OrganisationDiscounted conf/ event registrationAccess to association public documentsAccess to association grants & rewardsAttendance at AGMOpportunity to be elected to executiveOpportunity to host annual conferenceSI GsDiscounted journalsDiscounted other assoc conferencesDedicated area on website
£65- £75
£100 p/a
YesYesYes YesYesYesYesYesNoYes
£120 p/a
£30 p/a
Yes Yes (additional fee)YesYesYesYesNoYesYesNo