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Here at the GEA website, we welcome contributions from both members and non-members. You can write about a book you’ve read (or one you’ve written), a film you’ve seen (or one you’ve made), an event you’ve been to (or one you’re planning). You can respond to recent news story, policy or rant about something that’s happened to you.

We publish original pieces so please don’t send us anything you’ve published somewhere else first. The only other condition is that what you write needs to fit with the broadly feminist approach of the website and to relate to gender and/or education.

If you’re not sure whether your idea would fit then please contact our Social Media Intern, Kate Marston first. We can’t promise to publish everything so this could save you time. And, even if we do like your idea, we may ask for edits before we publish what you’ve written.


Guide to writing a blog entry:

– Write a first paragraph that catches the attention of the reader and contains all the key ideas because that’s all that will appear on the home page with a ‘continue reading’ button.

– Write in short paragraphs – a total of 400-1000 words is ideal. We accept longer articles too but use subheadings for these to break them up

– Use a friendly, accessible (even personal) style and avoid sounding academic

– Keep it simple, avoid jargon and references, and include links throughout – particularly to people/ideas/words that might need looking up

– Write for a general audience – our website is for everyone from school students to academics

– Send images to include with your blog entry – links to online videos are great too


6 thoughts on “Write for Us

  1. I would like to know if it is possible to publish an article about discrimination by sexual orientation in schools, with data from Educational Ministry of Chile.
    If the above is possible, I also would like to know which are the publication rules (preparation of the article) and where I must send it.
    Thank you very much

  2. FEMINISMO/S CALL FOR PAPERS NUMBER 29: “Women (in)visibility in Higher Education: challenges and defiances in Academia”

    Interested people are welcome to send article’s proposals for number 29 of our magazine Feminismo/s “Women (in)visibility in Higher Education: challenges and defiances in Academia”
    Submissions: 16 January 2017

    More information Call for papers No. 29: https://ieg.ua.es/en/publicaciones/revista-feminismo-s/call-for-papers-revista-feminismo-s/call-for-papers-feminismo-s-num-29.html

    more information about the journal

    Marcos Jesús Iglesias Martínez
    Inés Lozano Cabezas
    Coordinadores Call for papers nº 29 Revista Feminismo/s

    Instituto Universitario de Investigación de Estudios de Género
    Universidad de Alicante
    Tfno.: 965909415 / 965909658

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  4. This is George from A Team Locksmith, security company. I am interested in submitting an editorial article on your blog. Therefore, could you provide me a detailed information about requirements and pricing please?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards,

    George Smith

  5. To whom it may concern.

    I’m a feminist and a second-year Politics and International Relations student at Sheffield University, in the process of planning my dissertation.

    I have been reading into the impacts of gender inequality within education for a while now and would very much like to do my Work Related dissertation based on and alongside your project/organisation.

    My focus is hopefully going to be on language and the way patriarchy and gender inequality is perpetuated through everyday sexism and thus what the broader implications are for everyday life. I’m aiming to go into schools and talk to pupils of a variety of ages, ask questions and carry out some normative and quantitative research.

    I am also a national level Weightlifter and am aiming incorporate studies on gender stereotyping from an early age too.

    Would this be something you wouldn’t mind facilitating? I would require a person of contact/mentor from your end, someone I could shadow at talks and events, etc, that would be able to sign the odd piece of paper to say I’m keeping up haha.
    Do you have an office or a ‘base’? I would be happy to travel around the UK.

    Without sounding desperate… I REALLY want to write my dissertation alongside your association. I am a huge supporter of what you are trying to achieve. I am incredibly passionate about what I study and more so about gender studies.

    I hope you strongly consider my request;
    I look forward to your reply!

    Many thanks and kind regards,

    Jennifer Tong

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