GEA Virtual Event Honorarium/ Speaker’s Fee guidance

The Gender and Education Association (GEA) is a volunteer-led registered charity (UK charity number: 1159145) and we are limited in our financial capacity to offer honorarium/speaker’s fees to an invited speaker. However, we are also committed to social justice and we recognise the inequalities around whose time and expertise is valued.

The GEA Virtual Event Series is currently being organised by the GEA Executive members. We offer the following options for invited speakers for the virtual GEA event series:

  • As the invitation to speak is from a charitable organisation, we especially encourage invited speakers in permanent positions to consider forgoing an honorarium.
  • In lieu of receiving honoraria/speakers’ fee, the speaker(s) for an event can request that the value of up to 5 concession GEA memberships (valued at £75) be given in their name(s) to people who wish to become members of GEA but are unable to afford membership this year (up to the value of 5 gifted memberships or £75 max, regardless of the number of invited speakers for an event).
  • £75 honorarium/speaker’s fee for an event with one individual invited speaker.
  • £150 honoraria/speakers’ fees for an event with two or more invited speakers (£150 max regardless of the number of invited speakers).

GEA Executive members, interns, and administrative support staff are not eligible to receive an honorarium. Only speakers invited by GEA Executive members for the official GEA Virtual Event Series are eligible. GEA especially encourages unwaged/lower waged/precariously employed people and students to accept the honorarium if offered. Invited speakers would be limited to receiving one GEA honorarium/speaker’s fee per calendar year. GEA has allocated a maximum of £2,000 to fund honoraria/speaker’s fees for the Virtual Event Series and the funding is available on a first come, first served basis (for a speaker(s) confirmed by an Executive member for their scheduled event, with confirmation shared with the GEA Co-Chairs). Speakers will need to invoice GEA for the agreed and confirmed speaker’s fee. Once the maximum £2,000 limit is reached, we will be unable to offer honorarium/speakers’ fees for additional events in the series scheduled during the year.

We are a small, volunteer-led international feminist charity and we rely on membership fees to make GEA’s continued work possible. In order to continue to offer honoraria/speakers’ fees, please consider becoming a member of GEA: