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Girl guiding survey reports austerity impacting on UK girls’ education and career aspirations

The 2011 Girls’ Attitudes Survey by the Girl Guides has reported that financial uncertainty is shaping girls’ and young women’s career and academic aspirations.
Since 2009, the annual survey has explored 5 key areas:
• Family and Relationships
• Environment and World Events
• Education, Training, Skills and Careers
• Society, Culture and Community
• Health and Wellbeing
This year 1200 young […]


Cutting Women Out of Education?

The 10th of November 2010: I and 50,000 school, college and university students and staff gathered in central London to protest against the Tory-Lib Dem coalition government’s proposed cuts to education and rise in tuition fees up to £9000 per year. This placard – Don’t Cut Women out of Education – was left under the […]


‘Rage of the Girl Rioters’?

Everyday there seems to be yet more depressing news for education in the UK. Yesterday saw more rushed ideological notions of bringing soldiers into the classrooms, destroying teacher education within  Higher Education,  and reconfiguring the national curriculum yet again.
Schoolchildren and students were also active in walking out of lessons, taking to the streets and occupying […]