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Expanding the Feminist Classroom?

Matters of gender and sexuality have already made headlines in 2013 and it seems hope is on the horizon for understanding and re-framing gender and sexuality as implicating all,  whereby the phrasing of its ‘socially constructed’ categorisation can  break out of academic sociology and enjoy a more public airing. From the continuation of last year’s backlash against ‘gendered’ products, to parliamentary time and space finally being given to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, from the mainstreaming of distaste for Page 3 to the recent outrage at the Sun’s depiction of the deceased law graduate and successful model Reeva Steenkamp, we see expansions of, in, beyond ‘the feminist classroom’. 

Recently, Yvette Taylor gave a talk at the Guildhall as part of the Brave New World, LGBT conference, collectively inspired to feel an ‘arrival’ in place as delegates remarked on entering the corridors of power. At last…Shifting cultural (mis)representations, legal (im)possibilities and movements between margins and mainstreams, force questions about the place of feminisms, its ‘publics’, policies and practices: in other words, who is feminism for and where does it reside? Who might be excluded still from those corridors and classrooms? Read the full story

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Emily Wilding Davison Memorial Campaign, Obama and Votes for Women

This year will mark 100 years since the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison was killed after running in front of the King’s horse at the Derby. A campaign has just been launched to institute a minute’s silence at the Derby in memory of her sacrifice for women’s rights and democracy. Read the full story

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Gender and UK Higher Education Policy: Review of The Pinch by David Willetts

Given the huge furore when David Willetts, the UK Government Minister for Universities and Science, stated in a public speech in April 2011 that ‘feminism had trumped egalitarianism’ and university-educated women were to blame for taking working class men’s jobs in January 2012, I went in search of his book The Pinch. Read the full story

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Learned to Kill? Now Teach our Children: A Critique of Troops to Teachers

The UK government, following the lead of the US, is devising multiple ways to get more ex-members of the military into our schools – as teachers, mentors, classroom assistants and basic skills tutors. Read the full story

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Launch of major new resource: Olive Schreiner Letters Online

Olive Schreiner (1855-1920) is one of the world’s great feminist writers and social theorists, with her novels including The Story of an African Farm and her political treatises including Woman and Labour among many other writings. She also wrote c4800+ exceptionally important letters between 1871 and 1920, a period of momentous changes in the world which her letters are concerned with, and which also brought changes regarding letter-writing and literary practices too. Schreiner’s letters – all of them, in full, detailed and easy to read transcriptions – are now available electronically world-wide. Read the full story

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The Real Iron Ladies

At 12.30 pm on 6th January a banner was unfurled outside the Cineworld Cinema in Chesterfield. The banner read ‘The Real Iron Ladies’ Women’s Action Group Miners Strike 1984/85. This was in protest at the Hollywood re-writing of history in a film about Margaret Thatcher called ‘The Iron Lady’, starring Meryl Streep, which premiered in London in the first week in January. Read the full story

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I feel bad for Sarah Palin

I feel bad for Sarah Palin. Whether she’s in New York sporting a Magen David necklace the size of a Mercedes hood ornament, rewriting Paul Revere’s ride or making yet another garbled, incoherent speech (described on Huffington Post as “like watching a drunk seal land a plane”) about the “blood libel” or our “North Korean allies” or other content that will be forever undecipherable, I’m trying really hard not to laugh at her. Read the full story

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Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible (trailer)

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‘Sylvia Pankhurst, Everything is Possible’: New Feature Length Documentary Released

A new feature length documentary chronicling Sylvia Pankhurst’s inspiring life as a suffragette and revolutionary has been released by the London based education charity WORLDwrite. Aspiring young filmmakers worked with industry professionals to research, film and produce this in depth epic which is packed with facts from primary sources, rare images from museums and archives, interviews with historians and a compelling testimony from Sylvia’s son Richard Pankhurst and his wife Rita. Read the full story

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Is feminism in the UK experiencing a double dip? Call for Action

‘Clinton is proving that feminist foreign policy is possible – and works’ so headlines an article in the Guardian in which Madeleine Bunting argues that Hilary Clinton is building her political foreign policy on a solid 1970s feminist mantra that ‘Transformation in the role of women is that last great impediment to universal progress.’ Clinton has proclaimed that ‘the rights of women and girls are now core to US foreign policy’ and Bunting draws attention to the 450 mentions of this ‘signature issue’ in the first five months of Clinton’s office.  Clinton argues that ‘the empowerment, protect and protection of women and girls is vital to the long-term security of the US’.  In a telling remark Bunting asks, imagine any politician saying something similar in the UK now. It is, indeed, unimaginable! Read the full story

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