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Fame, Folk devils and Generation X-Factor

In recent months a number of articles have appeared in the UK national press, reporting renewed concerns about the impact of celebrity and consumer culture on young people’s aspirations. Celebrity culture features in these as a contemporary folk devil, conjured up as the source of various societal ills, and diverting attention from the structural causes […]


Girl guiding survey reports austerity impacting on UK girls’ education and career aspirations

The 2011 Girls’ Attitudes Survey by the Girl Guides has reported that financial uncertainty is shaping girls’ and young women’s career and academic aspirations.
Since 2009, the annual survey has explored 5 key areas:
• Family and Relationships
• Environment and World Events
• Education, Training, Skills and Careers
• Society, Culture and Community
• Health and Wellbeing
This year 1200 young […]

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Female Paths to Adulthood in a Country of ‘Genderless Gender’

As a researcher, there are situations when some discussions with interviewees or colleagues start to tickle our brains and cry out for getting analysed and reanalysed. For me one such discussion took place in an interview with Salla and Kristiina, two high achieving working class girls in upper secondary school. They reflected that they are […]

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Celebrating the Feminist Within

[ September 22, 2010; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. ] DECERe, University of East Anglia
22 September 2010

Feminist academics in leadership positions report difficulty pursuing feminist ideals, often preferring to leave their ‘radical’ feminist identities at home with some professing desires to unite their dual identities of scholar and activist. Black feminists are particularly marginalised within academia, although the increased diversity of the student population in the […]