‘The Unequal Academy’ : a one day conference to explore gender inequality in academia

‘The Unequal Academy’ : a one day conference to explore gender inequality in academia

Women’s under-representation in education settings, and especially in their more powerful or influential posts is well established. In 27 countries of the European Union women occupy just only 20 per cent of A grade (full professor) (She Figures, 2012). In UK universities, men outnumber women by a margin of four to one in senior academic [...]

Breaking the Mould – it’s child’s play

Resources for teachers and parents about children’s books that challenge gender stereotypes
The National Union of Teachers has been working with a small group of primary schools to challenge ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes through the curriculum.  As part of the support for schools, the project team provided them with a range of books featuring characters who defy [...]

Libyan Women: Defying the Stereotypes

Whatever position you take on the democracy movements in North Africa and the Middle East, and the West’s reaction to them, it’s been heartening to see so many women involved in the demonstrations appearing daily on our television screens.  The stereotypes of Arabs that we have grown up with – of bombers, belly dancers, and [...]

Grumpy Grandma’s View

While discussing issues of gender stereotyping in education at a recent seminar, it occurred to me that we really should be starting at the beginning and that perhaps children’s toy manufacturers have a lot to answer for.
As a fairly new grandmother, of boys aged one and three, I have found it quite frustrating when trying [...]

She Should Have Gone To The Moon

She Should Have Gone To The Moon is a documentary from film-maker Ulrike Kubatta. This 2008 film presents a uniquely personal chapter in the history of the space race. It tells the astonishing story of the pilot and pioneer, Jerri Truhill, who was trained in 1961, as part of NASA’s top secret Mercury 13 programme, to become one of [...]

Computer Engineer Barbie

Due to geek girl mobilisation, Computer Engineer Barbie won the popular vote for the next Barbie in the “I Can Be…” series. She appeared in 2010 and retails at $12.99. Mattel, the company who makes Barbie claims that these “dolls and accessories empower girls to play out different roles and ‘try on’ fabulous careers”. They write [...]

‘Great women’ cards

Slovakian researchers have developed cards of ‘great women’. There are versions of the cards in English and Slovak.
The cards could be used by any teachers  – of history, democracy, citizenship education … They can be used in many ways – as non-typical textbooks,  as a teaching tool, and as a game as well. The developers “believe [...]