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Ester McGeeney on ‘Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots One Year On’

A Conference Report for GEA

At the end of last month I started my week with a colleague from Sussex University, a few of our new masters students and a trip to the CLF theatre in Peckham Rye. We were there to watch The Girls – a play based on the lives of the four young people who performed in the play. The play was set at a group counselling session in South London. Four young people turned up and waited for the counsellor who never arrived. And as they waited, London started rioting and as the news of the looting and violence poured in via their mobile phones, the on-stage drama followed each young person’s story – the mistakes they had made, the anger and pain they had experienced and the hopeless, stuck position in which they found themselves. This was a harrowing welcome to child hood and youth studies for the new students. As a youth practitioner and researcher I think I am pretty hardened to harrowing tales of young peoples’ sexual exploitation, domestic violence, neglect, hunger, gang violence, anger, loss and pain, but the raw emotion and hopelessness of this play still hit me hard.

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David Maguire on ‘Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots One Year On’

A Conference Report for GEA

The working title for my research is: ‘Learning to Serve Time: troubling Spaces of Working Class Masculinity in the U.K’. It aims to explore, through the in-depth study of a group of young adult prisoners, the ways in which the construction of a particular version(s) of masculinity operate as a factor in the academic (under)achievement, economic marginalisation, subsequent incarceration and later disadvantage of this particular group of young adult men. This research area links to some of the main themes presented at the conference including gender, youth and education. The day was packed with interesting and stimulating presentations, and thought provoking panel discussions. I was encouraged that the conference organisers gave space to community organisations, postgraduate students and established academics. Read the full story

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Sarah Burton on ‘Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots One Year On’

A Conference Report for GEA

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects:The London Riots one year on. The riots in August 2012 came just as I was preparing to begin my teacher training; I was fascinated by the reporting of the disturbance and violence as emanating from a disenfranchised, feral youth, unconnected to the society around them and wondered if I would see this in the teenagers I was about to embark on teaching. Throughout the course of the year I explored concepts of privilege and power with my pupils. Though my postgraduate research predominantly focuses on narratives of sexualities within the law and I was keen to combine my education background and current sociological perspective in order to explore further the narratives created around youth and misrule. Particularly interesting was the focus on riotous bodies and the idea of them as both dissonant and representative of specific groups or perceptions.

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Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots One Year On

A Conference Report for GEA

Over the past year, academics have brought critical perspectives to bear on the complex causes and consequences of the English riots of 2011. Important questions have been raised about the relationship between the riots and the increasingly hostile conditions of neolib

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eralism and Coalition policies, including: growing unemployment, rising tuition fees, the withdrawal of the EMA, cuts to Sure Start and an overhaul of welfare provision. Re-visiting the causes, consequences and ongoing effects of the riots has been vital, particularly when key policy figures, such as London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron have dismissed the need for any sociological analysis, claiming the rioters were simply driven by pure criminality, greed and opportunism.  On the 28th September 2012 myself, Yvette Taylor of The Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research (London South Bank University) and Sumi Hollingworth and Ayo Mansaray of the Institute for Policy Studies in Education (London Metropolitan University) held a one day collaborative conference ‘Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots One Year On’ to provide a space for the kinds of critical debates and questioning so readily dismissed by our politicians. Read the full story

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Modern Girlhoods: A GEA Seedcorn Event

‘Great papers, lots of interesting people and plenty of opportunity for important dialogue’

‘I was totally blown away by Wednesday. Best conference I’ve ever been to, especially the way that the conversations just got more and more interesting as the day went on’

The 8th February 2012 saw another exciting GEA seedcorn event on the theme of Modern Girlhoods. This day seminar was well attended with over 50 participants from Brunel, across the UK and further afield. Read the full story

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Modern Girlhoods: Growing up in the 21st Century

Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK
Wednesday 8th February 2012

The Gender & Education Association with the Centre of Youth Work Studies and the Educational Department at Brunel University, and the British Sociological Association’s Youth Study Group are holding a 1 day seminar on Modern Girlhoods on 8th February 2012.

Recent years have seen a growing interest in the social and cultural lives of girls within scholarly and policy literature. The theme of the day: Modern Girlhood in the 21st century, aims to be broad enough to focus on the range of public, policy and scholarly debates that focus on the lives of young women. Keynote speakers for the day include Prof. Valerie Hey (University of Sussex) and Dr Farzana Shain (Keele University). Read the full story

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Professor Becky Francis – Gender and Social Justice in Education: Current Issues and Future Agendas

Thursday 27th October 2011

Lancaster University

4.30-6pm followed by a drinks reception

Sponsored by GEA and the Centre for Social Justice and Wellbeing, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University Read the full story

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Seedcorn Funding – Would you like a run a GEA event?

All GEA members are eligible to apply for up to £300 of seedcorn funding for a GEA event. Applications for alternative amounts will be considered on their merits. We welcome applications for all practice and research eventson a gender and education theme. Read the full story

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Report on the Conference: Care Work in Focus: The Changing Nature of Care Work in Sectors

The conference, held on 19th July at Lancaster University (9.00-6.00) was attended by over 54 people, 16 speakers and 38 paying delegates. It was sponsored by the Centre for Gender & Women’s Studies, the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences and the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology at Lancaster University as well as the Gender & Education Association. Read the full story

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Happy Talk

On Friday 16th OCTOBER 2009, thanks to funding from GEA, Jocey Quinn (London Metropolitan University) and Christina Hughes (University of Warwick) were able to hold a day seminar at Goldsmiths, University of London, on the theme of ‘Happy Talk: researching learning and pleasure’. Read the full story

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