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The Astell Project: campaigning for Women and Gender Studies to be introduced to the National Curriculum by 2015

The Astell Project is a UK-based campaign and an international community of educators and activists initiated in 2011. Inspired by England’s first feminist, Mary Astell, who made the case for the advancement of women through education in the 1690s, and by grassroots feminist and gender education activists around the globe, The Astell Project, founded recently, […]


LGBTQ Resources and Schooling

In the first initiative of its kind in Australia, the Victorian Government has provided $80,000 to the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (SSCV), a partnership between Rainbow Network Victoria and the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA).
SSCV will establish a network of schools dedicated to creating safer educational environments, free of homophobia and supportive of same-sex attracted […]


Why we should teach feminism in schools

While undergraduate courses on women’s and gender studies are in decline in some parts of the world including England, there are still many opportunities, in the social sciences at least, for young women and men to become introduced to feminism in their university education. However, most young people go through their whole compulsory schooling without […]