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Making sense of porn – using it for good?

Of late I have been trying to work out where I stand in relation to porn. Read the full story

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Telling girls the truth about domestic violence

Constantly, I am dismayed by the reporting style used in national and local media when women lose their lives as a result of domestic violence. Read the full story

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Education, Activism and Practice: Report from the BERA Sexuality & Youth Studies Event

November 11th 2011 saw an exciting joint symposium between the Youth studies and Sexualities BERA SIG at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Read the full story

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Female Paths to Adulthood in a Country of ‘Genderless Gender’

As a researcher, there are situations when some discussions with interviewees or colleagues start to tickle our brains and cry out for getting analysed and reanalysed. Read the full story

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GEA Responds to UK PSHE Review

GEA’s policy officer, Miriam David, coordinated our response to the UK government’s current consultation on Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Sex and Relationships Education (SRE). Read the full story

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Gender in Education: Launch of New Resources for Use in Schools

A number of new initiatives have recently been launched by the government’s equality group. These campaigns have also resulted in the development of a number of new resources that can be used in schools to generate discussion surrounding issues of gender and education. The two campaigns that have been publicised most widely in the Equality Group’s newsletter relate to teenage relationship abuse and body image. Read the full story

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“I’m just a girl who just says no”: Guides to Keeping Your Legs crossed- Abstinence Only Sex Education for Girls

Whilst I am always happy to see critical discussion on the role of sex and relationship education in schools and youth centres, worryingly, this week saw a new amendment narrowly passed in the UK Commons. Read the full story

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Sexuality education: What is appropriate material for the classroom?

In most countries across all continents schooling at some level or another is compulsory. In most of the developed world education is mandatory from infancy to late adolescence. Schooling is then an integral part of growing up for most people whether we love or hate it, thrive in it or avoid it. Sexuality is also an integral part of most people’s lives and is linked to schooling in key ways.

Read the full story

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UK NEWS: Ending violence against women

The recent report: ‘Together We Can End Violence Against Women and Girls: A Strategy’ by the UK Department of Children, Schools & Families (DCSF) aims to ensure schools take an important role developing relationship education, supporting victims and prevent violence against women and girls. Read the full story

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