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Seven Psychopaths: a guys-with-guns film with progressive politics?

I’ve been drowning under work so haven’t posted for a while but I was inspired to put fingers to keyboard in response to seeing Martin McDonagh‘s film  Seven Psychopaths – a shootem-up film with just enough of a difference to make it worthy of post. It’s the kind of film that I usually avoid but a trailer in which Christopher Walken’s character quotes from Ghandi and an interview with writer-director McDonagh in the Guardian made me give it a go. I’m really glad I did because as well as being really entertaining it made me think, so in this post I ask how far it’s possible to give such a violent film a progressive gender politics. Read the full story

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The Real Iron Ladies

At 12.30 pm on 6th January a banner was unfurled outside the Cineworld Cinema in Chesterfield. The banner read ‘The Real Iron Ladies’ Women’s Action Group Miners Strike 1984/85. This was in protest at the Hollywood re-writing of history in a film about Margaret Thatcher called ‘The Iron Lady’, starring Meryl Streep, which premiered in London in the first week in January. Read the full story

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Boffins and geeks: geek or chic?

The labels swot, ear ’ole, boffin, keeno, geek and nerd resonate meaningfully across generations of school-goers and echo through the terrains of popular culture. Our Gender and Education viewpoint started life as a conversation about our own research into how such identities are imagined and lived. We wondered: Has ‘the rise of the nerd’ meant that being a ‘boffin’ at school has lost its stigma? Read the full story

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Does Hit Girl Kick Ass?

Written by Jane Goldman and starring Aaron Johnson (a British actor known best for playing John Lennon in ‘Nowhere Boy’), Chole Moretz (last seen in the remake of the ‘Amityville Horror’) and Nicholas Cage, this movie was hailed simultaneously as

being ‘cynical, premeditated and mindbogglingly irresponsible’ (The Daily Mail) and, ‘a thoroughly outrageous, jaw-droppingly violent and very funny riff on the quasi-porn world of comic books’ (The Guardian). Wherever it went Kick Ass stirred emotions, fired debate and ultimately made a lot of money. The cause of the controversy? Hit Girl, an 11 year-old wise cracking, knife wielding, karate kicking female superhero-in-training. But is Hit Girl a Feminist icon for the 21st Century? Read the full story

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Easy A: Sexual Double Standards in High School

The film Easy A addresses the sexual double standard head on. Read the full story

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Made in Dagenham: Made for Feminist Discussion in Schools?

This month has seen the release of the hotly debated film Made in Dagenham. This is a film which recalls the events surrounding the 1968 strike by the women sewing machinists at the Ford plant in Dagenham, London. The film was produced by Stephen Wooley and Elizabeth Karlsen in conjunction with BBC films and was directed by Nigel Cole (also known for his direction of the popular film ‘Calendar Girls’). At a recent London Feminist Network screening of the film, the film’s producers Wooley and Karlsen claim that the original idea for the film was first developed over four years ago. However, they explain that the film was unsuccessful in gaining funding at this time because there appeared to be very little interest in feminism or on issues relating to equal pay. Read the full story

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Women on Film: Agora

I was one of only a few women studying mathematics at university among hoards of men, so it was perhaps inevitable that I become interested in the history of women and mathematics. I read about Sophie Germain, Emmy Noether and others; these were women who had to challenge the social conventions and expectations of their time to become mathematicians. The stories of their lives, the left over letters, homes, photos and pictures helped me to build up an image of them. However, the first known female mathematician remained mysterious to me – Hypatia. She existed long ago in ancient Egypt (born between AD 350 and 370) and few traces remain of her life and her work. Read the full story

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She should have gone to the moon

Here’s the trailer of Ulrike Kubatta’s film She Should Have Gone to the Moon.

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She Should Have Gone To The Moon

She Should Have Gone To The Moon is a documentary from film-maker Ulrike Kubatta. This 2008 film presents a uniquely personal chapter in the history of the space race. It tells the astonishing story of the pilot and pioneer, Jerri Truhill, who was trained in 1961, as part of NASA’s top secret Mercury 13 programme, to become one of the First Lady Astronauts. The documentary is a lyrical journey propelled by childhood aspirations, shattered dreams and a lifelong battle against stereotypes and male prejudice. In this post Ulrike gives a unique insight into her experiences of  making the film. Read the full story

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(Lack of) Women in Film

I was reading Sandra Lipsitz Bem’s book An Unconventional Family recently. It’s a great account of her and her partner’s experiences of bringing up their daughter and son in the 1970s and 1980s in line with their gender-liberated, sex-positive feminist ideals. At one point she describes three questions that she uses to assess the gender politics of films. Read the full story

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