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Female Paths to Adulthood in a Country of ‘Genderless Gender’

As a researcher, there are situations when some discussions with interviewees or colleagues start to tickle our brains and cry out for getting analysed and reanalysed. For me one such discussion took place in an interview with Salla and Kristiina, two high achieving working class girls in upper secondary school. They reflected that they are […]


Has research on Gender and Education come of age as a properly scientific field or is something else happening?

I was recently invited by the University of Luxembourg as a keynote speaker at an International Conference, ‘Gender Variations in Educational Success: Searching for Causes’. It quickly became apparent that boys’ achievement with respect to girls’ is an international, hot topic. National and political concerns in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg have created a mass of […]

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Conference 2011 Keynote Address: Gender and Education, History and Progress (Carol Dyhouse)

Carol’s keynote opened the conference by taking stock of girls and women’s position in education for “without the past we can’t understand the present”. She began by troubling the idea of progress for in the history of girls education, things do not only get better.
“History is always a dialogue so, it depends where you stand, […]


Boys, Boys, Boys!

This month the UK newspapers have been awash with stories about the (supposedly) ever-decreasing ‘gender gap’. Indeed, several key reports relating to equalities issues have been released in the past month, all of which have been discussed at great length in the British media. Of greatest international significance, perhaps, have been the reports surrounding the […]

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Girls and Education: 3 to 16: Seminar Series

The ‘Girls and Education 3-16’ seminar series enabled researchers, practitioners and policy makers to come together to discuss current concerns about girls’ education in the UK, and to consider new research agendas, policy imperatives and ways forward for practice. Recent concerns about boys’ comparative ‘underachievement’ have meant that girls have largely been sidelined in the […]