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Into the Woods

As a practicing middle school English Language Arts teacher and researcher in the Northeastern US, I am interested in the stories adolescents tell about their lives. To this end, my research in classrooms is ethnographic and privileges the stories girls tell about their experiences of being marginalized, silenced, and punished, often by other girls. One story in […]


SEXTING: What is it and why is it an issue of gender equality relevant for an educational audience?

The NSPCC recently released our report ‘A qualitative study of children, young people and ‘sexting’. The report is based on qualitative, school based research conducted by myself (Jessica Ringrose, Institute of Education London), Rosalind Gill (Kings College London), Sonia Livingstone (London School of Economics) and Laura Harvey (Open University).
In the law and from the perspective […]


Easy A: Sexual Double Standards in High School

The film Easy A addresses the sexual double standard head on. In 1986 Sue Lees, investigating girls’ school experiences in England, wrote: “All unattached girls have to be constantly aware that the category ‘slag’ may be applied to them. There is no hard and fast distinction between the categories, since the status is always disputable, the […]