Join UNESCO consultation on “Teachers for gender equality”

This year, on 5 October, World Teachers’ Day will be celebrated all over the world around the theme of “Teachers for gender equality”.

Education International would like to invite you to participate in the online consultation organized by UNESCO.

The consultation, taking place until 23 September, will concentrate on two issues which are central to the Education International Education Policy Paper adopted at the World Congress:

Gender distribution in the teaching profession:

– What is the situation in your region, country, ducational system or institution? Current status, data, trends…

– Recruitment, deployment, promotion procedures, pay: What are the specific difficulties encountered by men? By women?

– Policies, legal and pedagogical tools: What are the practices used in your region, country, educational system or institution to promote gender equality in the teaching profession?

Gender equality in education and society – the role of teachers:

– Gender in teacher training: Is gender equality addressed in the training of teachers? How?

– School and gender: Does school reinforce gender roles conveyed by society? Is school a model for an ideal society? Does a teacher’s gender determine learning processes and outcomes?

– Teaching and learning: Are there methods of teaching and learning that take into account gender issues? Do you know of innovative practices that are realistic and easily adaptable?

This online consultation is vital if world leaders and intergovernmental organisations are to have a realistic vision of the state of the teaching profession and gender issues in our countries.

Join the consultation today!

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