GEA needs you: Apply for the paid social media internship


You will be working in a fast-paced, intellectually demanding environment where the primary goal is to enhance visibility of GEA activities through the website, twitter, Facebook and any other relevant social media platforms.

The core duties for the post include:

  1. Creating content for the Gender and Education Website:
  2. Creating content and providing support for managing GEA Twitter @GenderAndEd
  3. Creating content and providing support for managing Facebook Gender and Education Association
  4. Providing social media and web support for GEA events and conference


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This internship will cover up to 10 hours per month at £15 per hour for 6 months. You will liaise with GEA Executive Member for Social Media Dr Jessica Gagnon content for the website. You will produce a brief report for the billable hours and send to GEA treasurer (covered presently by Claire Maxwell ) who will pay you monthly.

To Apply

Submit a CV and brief covering letter detailing your interest in the internship and the skills you have that make you suited to the responsibilities of the post to Dr Jessica Gagnon by 28th April 2017


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