C2C: Connections and new directions

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C2C: Connections and new directions
by  Nicole Christen

Attending the Gender and Education Conference will benefit my academic development by adding to my knowledge of the research that exists at the intersection of gender and education, and the new directions that are being explored. For the sake of ensuring that my research is based on a rich, theoretical foundation, this knowledge is imperative. Furthermore, professionally speaking, as my goal is to establish a research career at the nexus of education (digital learning ecologies and informal learning), gender, and capacity development, I want to connect with and build relationships with others in the field.

My research is highly applicable to the theme of generative feminism and the concept of borders. Through a sequential mixed design strategy, that applies both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, I will describe and analyse the digital learning ecologies of Canadian entrepreneurs (who pursue entrepreneurship within the context of motherhood). The primary research goal it to explore how these entrepreneurs scaffold and develop their digital learning ecologies for capacity development through informal learning. The expectation, as a result of the multidimensional and pragmatic nature of this study, is to deliver educational recommendations, guidelines, strategies, and actions regarding the development of digital learning ecologies for informal learning and, ultimately, for capacity development.

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