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GEA Interim Conference, 11th – 13th April 2012

The interim conference, ‘Gender and Democracy: Gender and Research in Times of Change’, was hosted by the University of Gothenburg’s Department of Education and Special Education.
A tremendously enthusiastic and dedicated scientific committee (led by the Head of Department Eva Gannerud) created a conducive atmosphere for the 104 delegates, who had travelled from nineteen countries including […]

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Catholic Daughters: the Mother Daughter Nexus

For my PhD research on the Catholic mother-daughter relationship I decided to  turn the analytical lens on myself.  I discussed the idea with a friend, who suggested examining the mother-daughter relationship. I phoned my mother and asked her what she thought. Her reply was, “Wouldn’t you rather get married instead?”  This reply cemented the idea […]

Gender and Education 23.7, Gender and Education Journal, Issues

Shaping Futures and Feminisms: The Qur’anic School in the West African Francophone Novel

Following the intense scrutiny to which Islamic societies and cultures have been subjected in the recent past, I was intrigued by the excessive emphasis on the nexus between terrorism and Islam. In particular, I noticed the suggestion in the media on Islamic schools or madrasas as breeding grounds for terrorism, terrorist thought and ideology. What […]