‘The Unequal Academy’ : a one day conference to explore gender inequality in academia

‘The Unequal Academy’ : a one day conference to explore gender inequality in academia

Women’s under-representation in education settings, and especially in their more powerful or influential posts is well established. In 27 countries of the European Union women occupy just only 20 per cent of A grade (full professor) (She Figures, 2012). In UK universities, men outnumber women by a margin of four to one in senior academic [...]

GEA 2013: Compelling Diversities, Educational Intersections: Policy, Practice, Parity

Gender and Education Association Biennial Conference 2013
Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, London South Bank University
Tuesday 23rd- Friday 26th April 2013
Confirmed keynote speakers:
- Prof. Lisa Adkins, University of Newcastle, Australia (What Do Wages Do? Feminist Theory After the Financial Crisis)
- Prof. Val Gillies, Weeks Centre, LSBU (From Baby Brain to Conduct Disorder: the New [...]

Top Girls in 2012

Have you been watching ‘Borgen’? Some are calling it the new West Wing.  I think it’s even better – because of the strong female Prime Minster at the centre of the drama and the way the show examines the political process, the relationship between media and politics but most importantly – the way politics leaves little [...]

Difficult Intersections

Difficult Intersections

On 3rd Feb. 2012 the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research (LSBU) held a BSA Families and Relationship study group day conference ‘Intersecting Family Lives, Locales and Labours’. Plenary talks by Professor Diane Reay and Professor Michele Goodwin will soon be available on the Weeks Centre website.
In opening I told this story, difficult ‘intersections’…  A young [...]

Accessions: Researching, Designing Higher Education

My piece ‘Accessions: Researching, Designing Higher Education’ in Gender and Education (23:6) reports on the experiences, effects and (dis)engagements in working alongside designers – as part of a research-design team – to foster a more ‘public sociology’. These are questions, conceptual and methodological, that I have been interested in for some time: this piece, as [...]

Early Career Female Researchers Beware: Message from the Political Studies Women and Politics Group

The Political Studies Women and Politics Group would like to draw your attention to a serious problem potentially affecting the careers of many women academics. The next research assessment exercise, the Research Excellence Framework (REF), is due to be completed in 2014 and HEFCE have opened a consultation/proposals on the conditions under which academics will [...]