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Presentation Title: Women Achievement Motivation in Neoliberal Context: A Study of Intersection of Caste and Class in a University in Delhi
Presenters: Richa Rana

Abstract: Women have been largely accepted as an important division in understanding many aspect of behaviour. Various researchers have concerned about the neoliberalism ideology to know how it is significantly influenced the human being in different spheres of life (Steger, 2010, Scharff, 2014, and Lissovoy & Cedillo, 2016 ). However, almost rejection is seen at the part of psychologist to understand how these neoliberal practices are get involved with the day to day life, and how and why they are being internalized in the thinking and motivational process of human being especially of women. This paper mainly explores how neoliberals’ practices are adapted by women researchers in their gendered roles and expectation? And how those alterations construct different path of achievement motivation for different social group of students (with intersection of caste and class). For present study, women researchers (different caste, class and region) pursuing higher research degrees were purposively chosen from a central University in Delhi. Analysis suggest some interesting fact that, due to adapted neoliberal practices and behaviours women gendered roles and expectations take novel type of shape and also produce alternative stereotypes towards them. It may be interpreted that an illusion of freedom is lived by women.

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