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Presentation Title: Tutus for all: Pedagogical practices for including boys and gender non-conforming children in ballet
Presenters: Laura Feltham

Abstract: The research explores the pedagogical practices employed by ballet instructors for engaging boys in ballet. It also examines inclusion practices for gender non-conforming children in ballet, using principles of inclusion to make recommendations for instructors to employ with all children. Four current ballet instructors shared their experiences in semi-structured interviews. An overarching finding involved the role of parents in engaging boys in ballet and in creating more inclusive practices. Findings indicate that parent education is needed for more boys to be presented with ballet as an option. With regard to teaching practices involving gender non- conforming children, participants noted the need for parents to support an inclusive environment, and be open to their child’s gender expression in order for inclusive practices to be implemented. The paper presents recommendations are presented for ballet instructors to create more welcoming environments for all students and suggestions for implementing gender-inclusive practices based off of the findings from this study.

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