Virtual Conference

Presentation Title: Sexual Harassment of Working Women in Southwest Nigeria
Presenters: Dr Florence Foluso Akanle

Abstract: This study investigated sexual harassment of working women in Southwest, Nigeria. A sample of 500 working class women were selected using stratified and simple random sampling techniques. The research instrument titled “SHOW” was used to collect data used in describing and making inferences about the experiences of working mothers in regard to sexual harassment. A reliability coefficient 0.79 was obtained using a test retest method of establishing reliability. The analysis of result shows that between 16-36% of working women do experience various forms of sexual harassment and that one quarter had either been unfairly treated or denied benefits or privileges for refusing sex with their boss. Based on these findings, it was recommended that counsellors should teach boys before they become men to discourage them from developing false and unhealthy notions about sexuality. Men should be taught that sexual harassment is a crime against introduction.

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