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Presentation Title: A study of the beliefs and practices of mothers regarding Homework
Presenters: Sonali Aggarwal

Abstract: Homework has remained a hot-button issue in the past decades. A considerable amount of debates have taken place over the issue of effective¬ness of homework among the requisite stakeholders, viz., students, teachers, parents, researchers and administrators. Various studies have shown that students benefit from regular homework because they practice new concepts, preview the concepts which are to be learned as well as review the learnt concept. The existing studies are showing that students are benefitted from Homework, but no study so far has seen in the current location that how children of varying SES are differently benefitted from homework. So, the objectives of the study was to find out the beliefs of mothers about the benefits of homework and the factors benefitting homework and to examine the practices followed by mothers to maximize the benefits of homework for children. The sample consisted of 31 mothers of different socioeconomic status. Self constructed tool was used to collect data by purposive sampling. The result has revealed how beliefs and practices differ in different socio-economic status in the society on the one hand and how the homework practices is different in various types of schools in India on the other.

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