GEA Conference 2017 Update


Update from the Lead of Gender and Education  2017 Middlesex Conference Organising Team, Professor Jayne Osgood. More information can be found here


The theme for the upcoming GEA 2017 conference has been finalised as Generative Feminism(s): working across/within/through borders. The stellar line up of Keynote Speakers and performers go a long way to addressing a concern with the border crossing work that feminist educational research and theory does, has done, and continues to do across time, space and place. It is intended that delegates will be inspired, challenged, unsettled and (re)invigorated by the keynote presentations.

We want the conference to be a space for dialogue and a place for doing; alongside recognisable sessions where impassioned feminist scholars stand and deliver from their latest work, there will also be gatherings, interventions, exhibitions and ruptures. Via these, the conference aims to continue the tradition of putting on an engaging event that stimulates and generates debate and ignites thoughts that reverberate long after the farewells have been said.
During June, we want to make the most of the open spaces and the communal spaces at Middlesex University to offer opportunities to share practices and experiment and innovate. To that end we welcome conventional paper presentations, panels and symposia but we also want to create opportunities for scholars to cross disciplinary borders and to seriously play with theory, methods and to engage in intra-active and inter-active becomings.
We expressly want less recognisable contributions to form part of the main programme. With this in mind, we are planning an Open Space during day one, which will bring together generations, and local communities (school pupils, teachers, local residents) to come and share their views and experiences about gendered lives and the importance of equity – and the many forms that can take. We invite submissions for performances, exhibitions, interventions and experiments etc. that address the conference theme and push us to think more and other but retain a firm focus on feminist agendas.
The conference will unfold in lecture theatres, seminar rooms, theatre spaces, atriums, courtyards, and green expanses. We are so excited by the possibilities to cross borders – but pushing boundaries – even those of conference organisation – requires a steely nerve and buckets of creativity which thankfully the organising committee has in abundance.
We look forward to receiving any submissions that embrace the conference theme.
More information about the conference including how to submit, dates, cost and keynote speakers can be found here

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