Kate Hoskins

Co-chair and Treasurer, 
Gender and Education Association Executive

Dr Kate Hoskins is Co-Chair and Treasurer for GEA and she is a Reader in Education at Brunel University. Her research focuses on education policy, identity and inequalities in relation to further and higher education opportunities and experiences. Her academic publications are concerned with issues of policy, identity and inequalities in further and higher education. In her co-authored book Education and Social Mobility: Dreams of Success(IOE, Trentham Books, 2014) Kate and Professor Barker draw on data collected through paired interviews with 88 15-18 year olds in two secondary schools to explore their aspirations for the future.

She has recently published a book entitled Youth Identities, Education and Employment: Exploring Post-16 and Post-18 Opportunities, Access and Policy, which is based on in-depth qualitative interviews and focus groups with teachers and students in a case study school and investigates how policy, family background, social class, gender and ethnicity influence young people’s post-16 and post-18 education access.

She has recently finished a project, funded by the Froebel Trust, with Dr Sue Smedley, exploring the possibilities protect and extend Froebelian practice through policy interventions, with a particular emphasis on the education and training received by a sample of 33 early years educators. She is now working on a funded project exploring the role of nursery schools in reducing the effects of disadvantage in the UK.