Eleftheria Atta

Internationalisation Officer (Cyprus),

Gender and Education Association Executive

Eleftheria pursued her doctoral degree from UCL Institute of Education University of London (Doctor of Education, 2017) in the field of Sociology of Education under the supervision of Prof Jessica Ringrose. She has been employed in Higher Education in Cyprus since 2004 and teaches English Language, Business English, Business Communication and Research Methods. 

Besides her teaching and research, Eleftheria also holds administrative responsibilities which include an ECTS Coordinator since 2013, an Erasmus Coordinator and a Coordinator of Staff and Development Centre since 2017. 

Her Doctoral thesis entitled ‘Gendered Academic Subjectivities in Cyprus: A Psychosocial Approach to the Affective Performances of Academic Staff and their Investments in Neoliberal and Postfeminist Discourses’ explored the masculinities and femininities as they are negotiated by men and women academics in Cyprus uncovering gendered issues around the ways academics negotiate neoliberal and postfeminist discourses relating to issues of stress, anxiety and competition shown through their affective performances. Her research interests include gender and HE, gendered academic subjectivities, HE policy in a global context, policies on access and equity in HE as well as academic work and subjectivity construction. Also highly interested in issues relevant to feminist education in schools and the affective intensities of sexism towards developing a strong backbone of gender education, tackle gender inequalities and influence policy makers.