Gender Equalities Leadership in Schools (GELS) Network


The GELS Network is hosted by the Gender and Education Association to help connect up schools with non-governmental organisations who are working to promote gender equalities in education across England and Wales. Groups who have pledged their support so far include:

  1. UK Feminista
  2. Fearless Futures 
  3. Full Circle
  4. Plan – Uk Because I Am A Girl
  5. The Girls Network
  6. Great Men – The Great Initiative 

The GELS Network supports schools (including alternative educational settings), educational practitioners, young people, parents and the community with leadership skills to raise awareness of and address gender inequalities

GELS Network activities include:

* Holding network meetings to bring educational practitioners at all levels (from senior management teams to PSE and gender equality leads) together with researchers and other gender equality experts for knowledge exchange to lead gender equalities work in schools.

* Assisting with developing and running school-based activities such as student-led feminist clubs that provide young people with safe spaces to discuss and campaign on everyday sexisms and other forms of gender inequalities.

* Contributing to INSET and other teacher training events on gender equalities policies and practices in educational settings.

How GELS started: Since 2014, Gender and Education Association members have been part of a collaborative project linking teachers with academics to support or facilitate Gender Equality and Feminism clubs. Ten schools have participated to date across in London, Plymouth, York and South Wales. These partnerships have developed a range of expertise, activities and interventions, from school assemblies to digital and other arts-based campaigns and peer-led workshops.


Case Studies of GELS in Action

Highgate Woods School –  Expressing the Feminist Imagination

A Case Study from Cardiff, Wales

DHSB Year 10 Boys Lead Successful Lesson on Sexism/Feminism

Blackheath High School – Feminism Society 

Sylvia Young Theatre School 

Black Girls Club

England contacts:

Professor Jessica Ringrose

Hanna Retallack

Wales contacts:

Siriol Burford

Professor Emma Renold