In this section of the website we’re trying to collect together a vast amount of online and offline resources which support work promoting gender equity work within education. We’ve divided these into:

  • Subjects: Life Skills, History, Science and all the rest
  • Contexts: Everything from legislation to media
  • Pedagogies: Gender-sensitive teaching and learning
  • Inclusion: Sexuality, Ethnicity, Social Class and other inequalities

We want to hear from you:

At the moment these resources pages are quite basic and are meant to guide people to further reading, resources and materials. But we hope that with your help they’ll blossom.

We are keen to keep developing these pages with exciting work on feminist pedagogy and practice, and resources developed by brilliant teachers and practitioners who are committed to promoting gender equity work and/or using feminist approaches in the class room, lecture theatre, or in other settings with young people .

If you have lesson plans, research, ideas or other material you would like to share with others we’d love to hear about them.

Please email any suggestions for material to Emma at

Gender and Education Association

  • Promoting feminist scholarship and practice in gender and education internationally, nationally and locally
  • Providing an influential feminist voice
  • Promoting and problematising knowledge on gender and education
  • Encouraging teaching, learning, research and publication on gender and education
  • Providing a source of expertise and knowledge for policy makers
  • Creating networks to facilitate the exchange of information between our members.

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