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Executive Committee positions
The Gender and Education Association is an international charitable organisation seeking to support the development of, and networking opportunities for, those working in the higher education sector as researchers, writers and practitioners concerned with issues of gender and education.  We seek to: 
·       Produce, promote and disseminate feminist and other critical scholarship on gender and education.
·       Raise awareness about international, national and local policies and practices relating to gender and education.
·       Create networks to encourage and generate the exchange of information and ideas between academics, practitioners, activists and policy makers.
·       Embed within teaching and learning practices a commitment to achieving gender equality.
We are seeking several new executive members to support our work
We would particularly welcome applications from colleagues with an interest in supporting the development of our website and social media presence.
We require that new Executive Committee members are able to attend one annual face-to-face meeting in London.  Travel expenses under £150 will be reimbursed.  Please bear this in mind when considering whether to apply. We would like to recruit up to 5 new Executive members.
For more information and details on how to apply, please see the attached documents

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