The Astell Project: campaigning for Women and Gender Studies to be introduced to the National Curriculum by 2015

The Astell Project is a UK-based campaign and an international community of educators and activists initiated in 2011. Inspired by England’s first feminist, Mary Astell, who made the case for the advancement of women through education in the 1690s, and by grassroots feminist and gender education activists around the globe, The Astell Project, founded recently, argues that the (UK) Equality Duty requires us to provide young people with the opportunity, support and resources to analyze and to influence gender issues that determine their life choices.

To that end, it calls for an equality audit and aims to see that Women & Gender Studies are introduced into the National Curriculum by 2015. These aims are to be achieved by acting as a resource bank and agitating for gender education so that legal and governmental commitments to equality, diversity and the provision of a safe environment are met.

Given that GEA shares some of the aims of the Astell Project, we have agreed to publicise its activities and will be providing updates here on our own website.



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