Violences and Silences: Shaming, Blaming – and Intervening

12 – 14 October, 2010 Room Temcas, T-House, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

In Violences and Silences the focus will be on the role of silences and silencing, shame and blaming for maintaining violence. In this vein, an important part of the conference is to explore ways of expanding the concept of “perpetrator”, and discussions on intervention strategies will be based on including such possible mechanisms.

During the conference, key note addresses will be given by internationally reputed researchers and artists:

Susan Edwards, Professor of Law, University of Buckingham, UK

‘The Aetiology of Women’s Silence in Violence – Lessons from the legal field’

Dubravka Zarkov, Associate Professor in Gender, Development and Conflict Studies, The International Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands

Ann Heberlein, Associate Professer in Etichs, University of Lund, Sweden

Ka Schmitz, Artist, illustrator and queer feminist activist, Berlin, Germany & Sandra Klauert, graduated social worker and queer feminist activist, Germany

‘Getting in Touch – Comic and Activism’

Lotta Samelius, Dr, psychology, the National Swedish Police Academy, Sweden, Christa Binswanger, Dr phil, Gender Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland & Suruchi Thapar-Björkert, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Government, University of Uppsala, Sweden

‘Turning points and the ‘Everyday’: Exploring Agency and Violence in Intimate Relationships’

Åsa Wettergren, Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

‘The humiliation and shaming of helper interactions – how good intentions undermine agency’

Barbro Wijma, Professor of Gender and Medicine, University of Linköping, Sweden

Junior as well as senior scholars are invited to present papers in the conference workshop streams. Send an abstract of the proposed paper to of up to 250 words demonstrating how research connects to the theme of the conference. Please also include a brief biographical note of up to 150 words outlining your current research interests, most recent publications, academic affiliation and status. Deadline for submissions are 15 September. Those who are accepted to present a paper will be notified shortly thereafter.

The deadline for registration is 24 September. Register to participate by sending an e-mail to The registration fee is 400 SEK (about 40 Euro), and includes the conference dinner, lunches and coffee. Those who are accepted to present papers will be exempted from the registration fee.

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